NOTE: Reseller guidelines and benefits are applicable for items in ON HAND Clothes and ON HAND Bags albums only.

How can I become a VERIFIED RESELLER?

For resellers, you have to complete the requirements set for you to be verified. These requirements include the ff:
1. Sign up the Reseller Form
2. Buy an initial 6 items and up (Because you have to have at least one complete transaction with us before we verify your reseller account.)

After being verified, you can now buy items with its wholesale price even just for 1 item. That's what we call the "VERIFIED RESELLER PRIVILEGE".


1. You are free to use and post all our product photos to your own website. You only need to order the items with sure buyers!
2. Upon making your first transaction consisting of 6 items and up, you can get the wholesale price of any item even if you buy just one!
3. All shipping costs are on us for any single purchase of PHP 1000! Your items will be delivered on time and you can get it right in front of your doorstep!
4. Once you place your order, we can send the items directly to your buyer using your name. Earn money while saving one time shipping fee!


Items will only be counted as yours once payment has been made.

Even if you already made an order but the payment is not yet settled, there will still be a chance that the item might be taken by another buyer.

BUY NOW - PAY NOW will save yourself from having your most loved items OUT OF STOCK or UNAVAILABLE

There will be a chance that the item that you order will be out of stock even if you have already settled the payment with us. For the out of stock item: You can choose to

A. Choose a Replacement/Another Item with the same price
B. Put the money in your Advance Deposit
C. Refund your Money
D. Wait for the restock to arrive

Reseller Form